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Our lifestyle and daily routine tends to change a bit during winter as we try to adjust and adopt to the severe winter conditions.

During winter, our skin too isn’t left out because the harsh wind and dryness that comes with the season can cause huge damage to the skin if not properly put in place. Sure, there are various ways to combat these harsh winter effects, and this article talks about essential winter skincare tips for a flawless skin.

Tip one: Take good care of your feet

Your feet are very vulnerable to the harsh winter effects, therefore you should protect it properly by using a cream containing glycerine and also petroleum jelly to keep them moisturized.

Tip two: Avoid skin irritants

This is very helpful especially for those with a sensitive skin type. In winter your skin becomes very dry and if exposed to allergens the symptoms can become worse. Winter knits are awesome in helping you get protected from the cold, but if you are allergic to wool you should consider looking for an alternative like a winter wear made from cotton.

Tip three: Moisturize constantly

Moisturizing the skin is a must all the time, but you should scale things up in winter. This is because of the rapid drying effect experienced during winter. For this reason, you need to use a moisturizer, one that perfectly fits your skin type. Moreover, it is best to use one that is oil based rather than water based if your skin type is dry or a combination skin type. This will help retain moisture much longer, shielding your skin.

Tip four: Use a humidifier

The use of a humidifier during winter is very necessary. This is because in winter you constantly heat up your home, and even though this might keep you warm, it tends to suck out most of the moisture. This is why a humidifier is important especially overnight because it doesn’t just keep your skin moist, it also keeps your sinus passage free.

Tip five: Consume food with high water content

In winter, you shouldn’t just protect your skin from the outside, you should also keep yourself hydrated by consuming fruits and vegetables rich in water especially water melon, tomatoes, celery, carrots, etc. In addition, ensure that you consume lots of vitamin C and zinc to facilitate the production of elastin and collagen.

Tip six: Make use of lukewarm water

Yes, winter is cold and when bathing it is sensible to use hot water to fight off the cold, but you shouldn’t go overboard with this. Using hot water makes your skin dry very fast, and it could lead to cracks and winter eczema if left without moisturizing immediately. Hence you should bath with lukewarm water and immediately apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.


Your skin is your pride and should be treated with much love, care and protection. Winter is so cold but you can still glow with a flawless skin if you jealously protect your skin by following the tips above and by avoiding certain products and habits in winter.

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Having a blotchy skin? Here’s how to fix it https://www.molyrose.com/anti-aging-products/having-a-blotchy-skin-heres-how-to-fix-it/ https://www.molyrose.com/anti-aging-products/having-a-blotchy-skin-heres-how-to-fix-it/#respond Fri, 24 Jan 2020 20:52:59 +0000 http://www.molyrose.com/?p=55228 […]]]>

You never want your skin to develop red spots making it discoloured, hence it is important to fix it. However, before fixing it, let’s take a look at the causes of blotchy skin so as to understand it and fix it better.

Cause Number 1: Rigorous exercise

While exercising is good for relieving stress and for our general health, getting overboard with it and engaging in rigorous exercise is likely to be counterproductive and can even be the cause of your blotchy skin. Too much exercise can make the body temperature rise, making more blood get pumped to the skin and other vital organs.

How to fix this

If you notice a splotchy red skin after exercising, try putting an ice cube at the back of your mouth, and this is where the sensors for temperature in the body are. Among other options, you can also place in the crook of your neck a glass of cold water or a soda can.

Cause Number 2: Consumption of red wine

Some people prefer drinking red wine, but it could cause a blotchy skin. How? This is because with the sulphites and alcohol used to preserve wine, the little blood vessels in the faces tends to enlarge making blood to rush to the surface, leading to red cheeks. Does that mean you should give up on red wine consumption? No!

How to fix this

Not just red wine, even spicy foods amongst others can lead to a blotchy skin. To fix this, try sipping water after a few intake of wine. For foods, make sure you consume your favourite meal with little or no spices.

Cause Number 3: Using harsh soap

When you use harsh soap on your skin, it makes it vulnerable and weak by whipping off essential oils, healthy fatty acids and ceramides that keeps moisture in place. With these all gone, your skin is left at the mercy of irritants.

How to fix this

Avoid using soaps that are made with harsh chemicals on your skin. Make use of hydrating, pH neutral cleanser to get rid of dirt from your body.

Cause No 4: Using fragranced moisturizer

Moisturizing is a very essential skincare procedure, but using a scented moisturizer can cause a blotchy skin. This is because fragranced products tend to irritate the skin, and are likely to leave you with red patches.

How to fix this

To get this fixed, avoid moisturizers that are fragranced or made with dye. In addition, immediately you shower, apply a hydrating cream to keep your skin calm and retain moisture.

Cause No 5: Over-exfoliating

Exfoliating should be done moderately and not too frequent because if you exfoliate excessively you are weakening the skin leaving it blotchy and inflamed.

How to fix this

Simply avoid excessive and intensive exfoliation. In addition, don’t use harsh peels or very rough scrubs which contains harsh items like seeds or kernels and make use of exfoliators that are gentle in nature.

Final words

A discoloured skin covered in red patches is not something to be proud of, so you should first of all identify the causes of a blotchy skin and follow the right method of getting it off quickly.


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Exposed! The ancient anti-aging ingredient they are hiding from you https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/aging-and-wrinkles/exposed-the-ancient-anti-aging-ingredient-they-are-hiding-from-you/ https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/aging-and-wrinkles/exposed-the-ancient-anti-aging-ingredient-they-are-hiding-from-you/#comments Wed, 15 Jan 2020 12:56:00 +0000 http://www.molyrose.com/?p=54201 […]]]>

There are many natural ways you can use to fight against aging as nature has blessed us abundantly with different herbs, roots and plants to make the earth enjoyable, but what if I tell you about a particular magical plant that has been in existence right from time but is less popular today?

Yes, this particular plant which has been around since ancient times is truly a blessing to humanity. Mostly found in India, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries, it has leaves that looks like a spade.

A plant that is tasteless and odourless in nature, it has almost same characteristics as pure drinking water except that it has colour. This magical plant is called Gotu Kola! How can this help?

Though Gotu Kola is a Chinese name for the plant, it wasn’t popular only among the Chinese because in India too, it has been a life saver used in treating various skin disorders as well as wounds. In fact, it was used in many ancient kingdoms to treat leprosy and other ailments. Gotu Kola is believed to boost the immune system and reduce symptoms of fever and even depression, but how can this magical plant benefit your skin?

How can this ancient plant be used for Anti-aging?

I have talked about some of the health benefits of this magical plant Gotu Kola, but I guess your main concern is how you can use it for anti-aging, isn’t it?

The science behind Gotu Kola for anti-aging is that it facilitates the production of collagen and fights against inflammation. If you are conversant with antiaging, you’ll agree with me that these are two great factors that influences how your skin turn out.

The more collagen you produce, the younger your skin become. However, the downside to this is that as we age, the production of collagen reduces, leading to fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles, and other sings associated with old age. But with the help of Gotu kola, your body can produce more collagen, helping you maintain a healthy and youthful skin.

With the ability to decrease inflammation, Gotu Kola is a darling because it makes your skin smooth and free from lumps and other breakouts. The importance of Gotu Kola cannot be overemphasized, and it is certainly a magical plant.

Using Gotu Kola for skin care

It could be difficult to get the plant directly from the farm, but you can still have access to it since it is used in certain skincare products, especially the ones made for anti-aging. Experts in the skincare industry have begun to use it because from research they discovered how mighty it is, and it has started to become popular again.

To make Gotu Kola part of your skincare routine, you should purchase a moisturizer or hydrating serum in which it serves as an active ingredient. Alternatively, you can also drink it as tea or in another beverage.

Final words on this magical ancient antiaging ingredient

Actually, if you have never heard of Gotu-Kola before, you would agree with me at this point that it does more to the skin than many other skincare super plants. If you have used Gotu kola before, what do you think about it? Please let me know by dropping your comments below!

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Which moisturizer is best for me? Tips to find the best moisturizer for a flawless skin https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/which-moisturizer-is-best-for-me-tips-to-find-the-best-moisturizer-for-a-flawless-skin/ https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/which-moisturizer-is-best-for-me-tips-to-find-the-best-moisturizer-for-a-flawless-skin/#respond Mon, 13 Jan 2020 13:00:00 +0000 http://www.molyrose.com/?p=54209 […]]]>

The importance of moisturizers cannot be overstressed, but with the different types out there all promising you quality, you could get confused as to the type you want. They come in different packages and prize, as there are those sold for as low as $1.50 and even designer skin moisturizers that sells from $500.

Surely you will get overwhelmed by the many choices out there, but you shouldn’t just buy any type of moisturizer because the wrong product can cause damage to your skin, something you don’t want. Therefore, before buying, here are some helpful tips to assist you in making the right choice.

Tip one: Choose one suitable for your skin type

We all have different skin types, and your skin could be oily, dry, or even the normal/combination type. With this in mind, it is not a wise idea to buy a moisturizer meant for an oily skin if your skin type is dry. Therefore, make sure the one you are buying is suitable for your skin type.

Tip two: How it smells

Since you apply your moisturizer to your face, you will always perceive its scent. With this in mind, consider buying one that smells nice, and you should also buy one with a fragrance that won’t irritate your skin

Tip three: Learn from the labels

Sometimes we buy skincare products because a friend recommended it or just because we like how it is packaged, but there should be more to this. Make it a habit of reading labels of moisturizers as you could learn a lot by doing just this. When shopping, check if it is labelled ‘allergy tested’, as such moisturizers probably won’t cause allergic reactions. In addition, check for moisturizers labelled “non-comedogenic”, as they are less likely to clog pores. Reading the labels could help you a lot in making the right choice.

Tip four: Go for higher SPF

The SPF (Sun protecting factor) of any moisturizer you purchase should not be less than 15, and this is because it is vital to apply sunscreen daily for a flawless skin. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can be harmful to your skin, making your efforts to get a glowing skin wasted. However, with a moisturizer having a high SPF, your skin will be protected.

Tip five: Consider texture

Here, your skin type comes in handy. Choosing a moisturizer based on its texture is highly related to the type of skin you have, as it is best to go for a moisturizer that is heavier and thick in texture if your skin type is dry. This is because such moisturizers tend to retain moisture for a longer period, which is good for dry skin. For those with a normal skin type, a moisturizer that is light and isn’t greasy is suitable for you.

Final words

It could really be a challenge for you to get the right moisturizer, but with the tips above, it would no longer be difficult for you! Don’t forget to moisturize every day, and if you have any other tips not listed above, drop them in the comment section.

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Avoid these habits if you have dry skin https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/avoid-these-habits-if-you-have-dry-skin/ https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/avoid-these-habits-if-you-have-dry-skin/#respond Sun, 12 Jan 2020 13:03:00 +0000 http://www.molyrose.com/?p=54218 […]]]>

Dry skin is a skin type that should be treated with care and also gently, therefore you should be mindful of the type of skincare products and other things you use on your skin. This skin type can be itchy and make life uncomfortable for you especially in winter.

However, you can still make things turn out beautiful for you, as certain habits can make things worse than it was. Therefore, to maintain a flawless dry skin, these are some of the habits you need to avoid:

  1. Avoid using any moisturizer you lay your hands on

This issue can’t be overstressed, and you should ensure you stick to a moisturizer that matches your skin type because using harsh moisturizers or any type that you lay your hands on can be counterproductive, making your dry skin worse.

  1. Avoid hot showers

Bathing with hot water can be awesome especially in cold weather, but it can be harmful for your dry skin. This is because using very hot water to bath can wash away the essential oils your skin needs to be kept hydrated, worsening your dry skin. Therefore, use only lukewarm water to bath even in winter, no matter how tempting it may be.

  1. Avoid using products containing alcohol to wash your face

Alcohol-based products aren’t good for your dry skin, because they make it drier than before. Even though most fragrance based products have alcohol in them, there are still other skin care products that contains alcohol like toners, cleansers and even moisturizers. This is why you should carefully read the label before buying any skincare product.

  1. Avoid using brushes to apply makeup

Dry skin should be treated with care and brushes shouldn’t be used when applying makeup on dry skin. Even though with brushes your makeup appears perfect, they are made of fibres which can pick on patches of your dry skin making you uncomfortable and irritated. Instead of brushes, make use of a beauty blender, a sponge, or even your fingers to apply makeup.

  1. Avoid little water intake

Dry skins need to be hydrated at all time and one way to get that done is by taking plenty of water. It is very helpful if you drink plenty of water because it helps your skin a lot and can save you from the unhealthy effects of dry skin.

  1. Avoid consuming alcohol

A little bit of alcohol isn’t bad, but you should be aware that alcohol is dehydrating in nature, and you should cut if off if you want the best for your dry skin. I know it sounds impossible for many to give up on alcohol since it won’t be easy, therefore you should make it a habit of drinking plenty of water, at least a glass of water whenever you take any drink containing alcohol.

Rounding It All Up

While dry skin can make your daily activities uncomfortable, you can make things better for yourself by avoiding habits that would trigger dehydration and make your dry skin worse. Together with some others, the habits stated above can make your dry skin worse, therefore you should ensure you stop them and adopt a lifestyle that will be beneficial for your dry skin.

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The best skincare routine for a radiant skin https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/aging-and-wrinkles/the-best-skincare-routine-for-a-radiant-skin/ https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/aging-and-wrinkles/the-best-skincare-routine-for-a-radiant-skin/#respond Sat, 11 Jan 2020 13:00:00 +0000 http://www.molyrose.com/?p=54213 […]]]>

Having a glowing skin doesn’t just happen overnight, there are certain skin care procedures you need to follow every day, every week, and even monthly and yearly.

Sticking to this routine is very essential for you to get a flawless skin, and you should strive not to skip them because of their importance. Now without wasting much time, here are skin care routines you should adopt:

Daily skincare routine

For your skin to be radiant always, here are daily skincare habits you should formulate:

Form the habit of washing your face twice daily. It is very important that you formulate this habit, and doing so in the morning makes your skin ready for skincare products like sunscreens, and moisturizers. When you wash it at night, you are getting rid of all dirt that have accumulated throughout the day.

Avoid hot water. You could think that bathing with hot water is the best, but it isn’t. even in winter when the temperature is so cold, resist the temptation of bathing with very hot water, and instead bath with warm water. This is because hot water tends to burn and damage your skin, something you wouldn’t want.

Apply mild skincare products on sensitive areas. There are certain sensitive spots on the body like the eyes, and these areas should be treated gently with mild cream that promotes growth and contains ingredient that boosts the production of collagen.

Wearing sunscreen every day. Exposure to sunlight can damage the skin, therefore, every day, ensure you apply sunscreen with a high SPF likely from 30 above.

Eat healthily. Every day, make sure the food you eat is healthy, adding vegetables and fruits to your diet. In addition, always get adequate sleep, because the food you eat and your sleep always reflect in your appearance.

Weekly skincare routine

Exfoliate weekly. Exfoliation is important but should be done weekly and not too frequent. This can be done using an exfoliating cleanser or a gentle exfoliator.

Use a soothing sheet mask to relax. In order to boost the production of collagen and also boost your skin tone, once a week, for about 10 minutes unwind with a gentle sheet mask. This also give you time to relax, and you should do so with a mask suitable for your skin type.

Clean your tools. It is vital that you don’t just use your brushes and other skin care tools without having them cleaned. If they are kept dirty they can cause harmful effects on your skin, so it is a wise idea to clean them appropriately once a week.

Monthly skincare routine

There are certain tasks you should carry out once a month as part of your skin care routine, and you should always remember them without skipping.

Full body sugar scrub. This is important and even though you can do so with a physical exfoliator, it could make your skin become dry when you do it in excess. This is why it is advised that you take a shower scrub once in a month, using gentle sugar scrub and also paying special attention to areas that are dry like the knees and even the elbow.

Other monthly skincare routine includes keeping record of your regimen, and also visiting a professional for a chemical or facial peel.

Yearly skincare routine

Once a year, book an appointment with a certified dermatologist for a skin screening, especially screening for cancer of the skin. You should also seek professional advice from your dermatologist on how you can improve.

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This is what happens when you don’t moisturize https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/this-is-what-happens-when-you-dont-moisturize/ https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/this-is-what-happens-when-you-dont-moisturize/#comments Fri, 10 Jan 2020 12:57:58 +0000 http://www.molyrose.com/?p=54205 […]]]>

The importance of moisturizing your face cannot be over stressed, as it generally makes your skin glow and keeps you fresh, giving you that flawless look you always dreamt of. So, what if you don’t moisturize? Have you ever wondered what happens to your skin if you stop using moisturizers?

You may begin to think that using moisturizers isn’t very important, but you will surely think again after reading this article. To make things clearer, if you decide to stop moisturizing, here’s what happens:

You are likely to develop an itchy skin

When you decide to stop moisturizing your skin, you are giving room for harsh effects, and one is an itchy skin. Imagine scratching your face all day because your skin itches. This won’t only bring you discomfort, but it will also lead to embarrassment especially when you are in public. This doesn’t sound good, and you wouldn’t want it to happen to you.

It could promote acne breakouts

Everyone wants a flawless skin, a skin without blemish. Although it is true that using the wrong moisturizer for your skin will lead to more acne, but not using one at all can be more troublesome for you. Therefore, you just have to use the right one to keep your skin free from acne. The right moisturizer clears dirt from your face, de-clogging your pores.

It can lead to more wrinkles

Though wrinkles may come as we age, but you can reduce it by moisturizing. If you decide to stop using moisturizers, your skin could get dry, and deeper wrinkles may develop. This is because the skin barrier becomes compromised when dry, but gets protected by moisturizing.

It could lead to make up failure

Makeup is awesome at it enhances your looks, but it could be counterproductive if you don’t moisturize your face. For your makeup to appear flawless you need to hydrate your face before applying them. The little lines found beneath your eyes where the concealer creases may appear worse, and it is strongly advised that you use a moisturizer before applying base makeups. In addition, for your moisturizer to properly absorb, don’t forget to wait at least five minutes before applying foundation.

Your complexion will appear clownish

Mostly noticeable in winter, your complexion will look flaky and dull if you stop moisturizing. This is because there is very little moisture during winter as the humidity level drops drastically. When this happens, your skin will become dry always because the dry air sucks up all moisture it can collect. This makes it very easy for irritants to enter without hassle, making your skin appear flaky and red. You certainly don’t want to look like a clown, and for this reasoning, moisturising is very necessary, especially during winter.


When you don’t moisturize, you are only leaving your skin at the mercy of irritants, wrinkles and many other skin disorders, which are not covered in this article. Your goal is to always appear like the queen you are, isn’t it? Queens take good care of their skin, and one of their daily routine is using moisturizers. The ugly things that happens when you don’t use moisturizers are scary, hence you shouldn’t stop moisturizing your skin.

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7 HEATHY SKINCARE TIPS AND SECRETS OF GORGEOUS WOMEN WITH FLAWLESS SKIN https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/aging-and-wrinkles/7-heathy-skincare-tips-and-secrets-of-gorgeous-women-with-flawless-skin/ https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/aging-and-wrinkles/7-heathy-skincare-tips-and-secrets-of-gorgeous-women-with-flawless-skin/#comments Fri, 10 Jan 2020 12:49:08 +0000 http://www.molyrose.com/?p=54197 […]]]>

Have you ever admired someone and wondered how they managed to keep their skin flawless all these years without spots or blemish? Not just you, me too! I have wondered what the secret is and how they manage to keep their skin in great condition.

It might seem a mystery, but these gorgeous looking women all share some skin care routine in common which I am about to reveal to you, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

Tip no 1: They are fond of using the cleanser that matches their skin type

You’ll agree with me that not all cleansers are good for a lady, and everyone should stick to the cleansers matching their skin type, be it oily, dry, or a combination of both. These women with great skin we look up to have discovered their skin types long ago and don’t just go shopping for any product they fancy, but rather buy cleansers made for their skin types.

Tip no 2: They are always on sunscreen

Probably, you may think that sunscreen is just for sunny days or for visiting the beach, but these elegant women know better! One secret for their flawless skin is protecting themselves from exposure to ultraviolet rays every day, and it doesn’t matter where they are, be it in a car, in an airplane or on the beach, they apply sunscreen always. This is because you start looking old when exposed UV daily.

Tip no 3: They keep makeup brushes clean all the time

It isn’t enough to take care of your skin, you should also make sure that your brushes are kept clean always. If you don’t, you are only making matters worse because germs and dirt accumulates on these brushes and they can be harmful to you. Ensure that you wash foundation and concealer brushes once a week, while brushes used around the eyes should be washed twice a month.


Tip no 4: They avoid certain types of drinks

Having a flawless skin comes with great sacrifices, and one of it is giving up on certain drinks. These dazzling women with spotless skin have the habit of avoiding coffee, alcohol, drinks with added sugar and other liquids because they gradually make you look old. Taking plenty of water is enough, together with green juices containing plenty of vegetables.

Tip no 5: They keep their fingers very far away

It could be tempting to always touch your face or even scratch from time to time, but this is a bad habit that you should stop. Though it won’t be easy, but if you succeed at this, you are helping your face a lot.

Tip no 6: They never skip moisturizing

Moisturizing plays a very important role in the lives of those with flawless skin, and no matter the type of skin you have, always moisturize with the right type suitable for your skin.

Tip no 7: They never wear makeup to bed

Never forget to remove your makeup before going to bed, because if you leave it, your pores could become clogged and you may start experiencing breakouts which you dread the most.


As you strive to have a flawless skin, ensure that you are consistent with how you treat your skin. There are many other habits of those with spotless skin, but if you follow the secrets in this post religiously, you will be surprised at how flawless your skin would become!

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What is my skin type and how can I figure it out? https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/what-is-my-skin-type-and-how-can-i-figure-it-out/ https://www.molyrose.com/skincare/what-is-my-skin-type-and-how-can-i-figure-it-out/#comments Fri, 10 Jan 2020 12:45:47 +0000 http://www.molyrose.com/?p=54193 […]]]>

Taking care of your skin is a must, but you can’t just start applying skin care tips without knowing the basics, which starts by identifying your skin type.

It is not every skin care product that you apply on your skin, as all skin types react differently to various skin care products. The skin is very sensitive and you should first of all know what your skin actually needs before using cleansers, applying moisturizers or other skin care procedures.

Simplest way to determine your skin type

You don’t have to spend millions to know your skin type, as you can actually figure this out in the comfort of your home! To determine your skin type, here’s what to do:

  1. Using a gentle cleanser, wash your face to get rid of dirt, oil and any makeup you applied.
  2. With the help of a soft towel, pat your face dry and leave your face bare and natural without applying anything, not even a moisturizer!
  3. Leave your face untouched and wait for an hour.
  4. With an hour gone by, look properly into the mirror and observe your skin’s quality by examining your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead for any shine or dryness.

The three major skin types

Surely, you will agree with me that everyone has a unique skin, but there are a few general classifications that can help you determine your skin type. To narrow it down, the major skin types are:

Dry skin

Those with dry skin probably inherited it from their parents and it runs through the family. Dry skin could also be as a result of the type of food you eat, your lifestyle, less intake of water and even climate. If you have dry skin, you are likely to feel dry all day and your skin may peel.

If your skin type falls under this category, you should take care of it by avoiding caffeine, alcohol and other diuretics. Water shouldn’t be far from you, as you should be drinking plenty of water daily. Using gentle exfoliation products everyday will also be of help since it won’t tamper with the natural oil of your skin and will improve your skin cells.

Normal/combination skin

This skin type falls between the oily skin and dry skin, making it balanced and the best among the three. Do you have a well moisturized T-zone (nose, chin and forehead)? Do you experience minimal to no breakouts on your cheeks? If yes, then your skin type is likely to fall under the normal one. In addition, those with this skin type usually have dry cheeks and jawlines.

This skin type can be tricky to maintain, but you surely can take care of it. When you exfoliate daily, do it gently and in such a way that there is a balance in the T-Zone and cheek areas. Moisturizers that are not too light, thick enough to retain moisture in areas needed the most should be used. In addition, you can use moisturizers that have a feel of gel because not only are they less likely to cause breakouts, they also get absorbed more quickly.

Oily skin

This skin type is easier to spot. If your face produces excess oil, then you probably fall under this category. The downside of this skin type is that you are likely to get breakouts on your skin because the excess oil can clog your pores, leading to acne. However, you don’t have to worry about this, because taking proper care of this skin type leaves you younger and shiny since it has more natural moisture.

Caring for this skin type revolves around removing the excess oil and keeping your skin as dry as possible always. You have to make enzymatic exfoliation a daily routine in order to prevent sebum from clogging up the pores and also to increase cell turnover. When going for an exfoliator, ensure to use a gentle physical one that doesn’t contain crushed seeds or nuts and other abrasives because they can lead to tears in the dermis.

Final Thoughts

Every person is created unique, and whatever category your skin type falls under, there is no need to panic. You can always manage things by using the right skin care product and follow simple daily routine to keep you beautiful all the time, like the queen you are.

What skin type do you have? Is there any suggestion you have about the skin types? Drop it down in the comment section!

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11 Awesome iconic styles for your natural hair https://www.molyrose.com/haircare/hair-styling/11-awesome-iconic-styles-for-your-natural-hair/ https://www.molyrose.com/haircare/hair-styling/11-awesome-iconic-styles-for-your-natural-hair/#respond Wed, 01 Jan 2020 14:49:01 +0000 http://www.molyrose.com/?p=53937 […]]]>

Looking good is great when your style is the major attribute to your beauty. Hair looks awesome and gorgeous at any length. There is no problem if you are putting on a long or short, light or dark, straight or curly hair all that matters is the appearance and personality it gives to your body. Sometimes it requires courage and conviction to follow your own taste, and showing your individuality is well worth it.

Every woman is cherished so much when her hair is good looking and arranged. When a hair is good looking it gives the carrier confidence thereby bringing attention to her from the male counterpart.

There are three questions that need to come to your mind when making choice of hair which includes:

  1. Will my hairstyle fit my face?
  2. Can it be affordable for me?
  3. Will it be loved by others?

These questions are good and important. The next thing that should come to your mind is whether your man will like the new hair style, so the money spent will not be a waste.

Below are some of the classic styles you can consider when making choice for your next hair style.

1. Long sleek bob with curves

Bob is one of the most known proficient hair style for ladies. A long straight bob is found with marginally bowed edges and a deep side-swept bang covering specific part of the fore head.

2. Short twists

Twists are easy and perfect way to style your hair into a protective fashion. Simply take a section of hair from your root, depending the size of your desired twist, divide it into two, and twist the section up to the ends. Once you get to the ends of your hair, kindly reduce the tempo to give the twist an opportunity to set.

3. Cornrows

This is another classic style that can work perfectly well on any length of hair. All it takes to achieve this style is to first take a section of hair beginning at the front of your head from the root. Next, split that section into three equal sections, engage in braiding action as usual, but after you have braided the hair once, add hair to each strand as you proceed to braid down the back of your head. When you get to the end of your scalp, continue braiding normally down the length of your hair before securing the hair with an elastic. Repeat this till you tidy up all your hair.

4. Chignon

This is an elegant updo that helps to get your hair out of your face in a classic and sexy way, giving you that cute appearance.

5. Top knot

This style will not only get your strands out of your face, it will also protect your locks. Add some details to the style by creating cornrows along your scalp before throwing the ends of your hair into the bun.

6. Bantu knots

This is a 90’s style that has come back in trend and giving your hair a protective style. To fashion the look, take a section of your hair and twist into itself. Form your twist into a bun on top of your head and secure into places. Repeat this process all over your head.

7. Box braids

This is a wonderful style that brings out your facial beauty and give you a stunning appearance. This style can be worn by any length of hair but looks so cute on people with medium and long hair.

8. Senegalese twists

Senegalese twist is another glamorous twisted hair style. First, take a little section of hair and split it into two. Thereafter, split those sections into two so you have four evenly-sized sections. Take two strands and twist them around each other as you usually would, then take the other two sections and do the same. Finally, to complete your Senegalese twist, wrap your two twists around each other by moving your right hand in a clockwise direction and your left hand in an anti-clockwise motion.

9. Half up half down

Hair clips adds a glittering accent to this hair style. After your hair is completely dry, spray a head protection conditioner and curl with a marcel iron, then take two-inch section right around the temple area and begin to twist them, then pull them towards the center back of the head. Secure both sides of the twist together at the center back with bobby pins. Summarize the look with two embellished clips to add a little glamour to the style.

10. Pineapple updo

Pineapple updo is a great style and versatile one also, in the sense that it can be worn to bed and out to the town. It is very simple to do. First, gather your strands at the top of your head like you want to create a high ponytail. Loosely secure the hair with a scrunchie. Pull the hair forward and position it according to your taste or desire.

11. Twisted updo

This hairstyle is one of the easiest and yet a sophisticated style. This is a way to turn your twisted locks into an updo, be it a flat twist, traditional twist, Senegalese twist, or any other type of twist, you can switch up looks by gathering your strands into a large, textured bun at the top of your head.

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