AWESOME Party Hairstyles

You might have plans to steal the show with your all-set glamourous party dress and makeup look planned as of yet, but wait…have you even thought about your party hairstyle? No excuses for that because at this point you make it or break it-totally! A great-hair-day can be extremely rewarding whether you like it straight, curly, tied up, crimped and/or the list goes on. Obviously, you don’t want to miss out on the fashion trends and compromise your self-presentation, rather slay it.

Keep scrolling because Molyrose will show you how to rock the night with these 7 awesome and erotic party hairstyles. Just try these quick fixes and embrace the praise.


#1 Wavy vibes

Wavy hair is never out of fashion. They look excellent with anything and everything. If you are in a hurry or don’t really put much effort into your hairdo, then give a gentle volume to your hair by changing your part or a slight upside-down blowdry and let the loose waves do their magic. If you’re wearing something off-shoulder or a backless outfit, this could be your best option.

Wavy hair for party hairstyles


#2 Lay them Straight

When nothing else works, straight hair is a life-saver, regardless of its length. You can experiment almost any look with your dead straight hair such as a twisted sleek ponytail with a front hair bump or just leave them untied for an elegant party look. You can also tie a braid around your head to make a stunning straight hairstyle. Apply some shiny gel over to give it an extra glossy appearance. Straight hairs complement almost every dress design.

straight hair for party hairstyles


#3 Messy Updo

Center or side bun never disappoints to give you a classy appearance, if twisted up sophisticatedly. Messy buns are more in trend and look extremely beautiful for almost any occasion or event. Just make a braid, twist and tie up in a messy bun giving your hair a cheesy makeover. Put some flowers or tuck in hair accessories to elevate your feminism.

messy bun for party hairstyles


#4 Curl-it-up

If you own natural tight curls then all you need is to give them some bouncy volume and a sheer glow. Tight curls give an immense cute look to your party glam by making people crave to run their fingers through. Just remember to shake your head a little more than usual to step up the attention game!

curly hair for party hairstyles


#5 Fishtail Braid

Your long dark tresses can perfectly be twined into a sleek fishtail braid, one of the quickest party hairstyles. Once you learn how to make it, you can bring up this chic style in a couple of minutes. Fishtail braid goes perfectly with long V-neck dresses.

fishtail braid for party hairstyles


#6 Showstopper Bun

Be a head-turner diva at party with the elegant bun mainly knotted in various styles to give you the true ladylike essence. This comes up in just no time perfectly secured with bobby pins. This graceful hairstyle is going to be the showstopper!

tight bun for party hairstyles


Ladies, by now you must be in a hurry to get your hands on your hair and let the hairdo magic begin. Rush and try out these party hairstyles to see which one works best on your outfit. Don’t forget to comment below the post-party!

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