Easy Lip Makeup Application Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Do you know lips play a crucial role in your overall look? Don’t ignore your lips when applying makeup on your face. This article will help you in knowing useful tips related to lip makeup.

The Problem

Being a beginner, it may be problematic for you to apply the gloss or lipstick in the right way. When you don’t apply lipstick accurately, it may ruin your overall appearance. You have to follow various do’s and don’ts to get a perfect look. Continue reading to explore the solution to your problem in the form of various tips and hacks by professional makeup artists.

The Solution

Tip # 1 – Choose the right shade

Choosing the right shade according to your natural lip color is one of the essentials. Being a beginner, you have to know this fact. You may get the expert’s help for the selection of the right shade of color.

Tip # 2 – Use essential oil

Make use of the essential oil to add moisture to your lipstick. It will keep your lips from dryness. Also, add a drop of your favorite essential oil (coconut or mustard oil) into the lip stain.

Tip # 3 – Use eyeliner on your lips

Do you want to make your lips fuller without a cosmetic treatment? You can use white eyeliner on your lips to get the effect. How? Fill the center of your lips by using concealer or white eyeliner. Use a darker shade of the original shade of your lips to outline. After that, apply your desired lip shade on the lips.

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Tip # 4 – Use eyeshadow to give your desired shade

Do you want to get a beautiful color on your lips but you can’t find it in your vanity box? Well, you can make it by using your eyeshadows. Yes, you can create your customized color with the use of a blend of lip gloss & eyeshadows on your lips.

Tip # 5 – Mark your lips

Mark your lips with the lip pencil. Make an ‘x’ on the upper lip and draw a perfect line on the edges of your lips. After that, apply lipstick. It will give you perfect plump lips.

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Bonus Tip

Do you want to get a perfect pout? It’s quite easy, all you need is to know the trick. Apply your regular lipstick on your lips in a way you want, and then apply a shade or lighter lipstick on the center of your lips.

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