Are you a makeup lover? Do you want to apply makeup on your face just like a pro but you are a beginner? This article is specifically for you! First of all, you should be confident about yourself and learn the right techniques. Start from doing simple makeup and lead towards expert level. When you apply makeup like a pro, you should know the anatomy of different faces. Every person has a different face anatomy, so it is not necessary that one makeup technique is suitable for all. This article discusses the problems that a beginner may face while applying makeup and tips that can help you in becoming a pro.

The Problem

Beginners may face different problems while doing their makeup. These may include;

  • Increased use of foundation
  • Foundation creates patches
  • Fallout of eyeshadows
  • Cannot blend eyeshadows easily
  • Uneven eyeliner
  • Makeup breakout
  • Uneven or excessive concealing

Solutions – Makeup Tips

  • Wipe increased amount of foundation – In case of having an excessive foundation or if you cannot blend it properly, then take the blending sponge or a clean brush. Use the clean side of either of the clean brush or blending sponge on the skin from where you want to rub excessive foundation.
  • Avoid peach fuzz – Always apply foundation in the downward direction. Most of us have peach fuzz on the face. So, applying foundation in the upward direction may create a breakout or make the hair stand out.
  • Blush under foundation – This is one of the clever tips to get smashing outcomes. You can make your makeup natural by applying blush under the foundation. How? First, you have to apply blush on your cheeks, and then foundation.

  • Instant eye lift – A highlighter is used to give an instant lift to your eyes. All you need is to apply the highlighter on the arch of your brows. Don’t forget to blend it well to give a natural look.
  • Use tissue paper – Another important tip is the use of tissue paper to avoid an additional layer of makeup on your face. If you don’t want the clumping of your mascara, then tap it on a tissue paper before applying on your lashes.
  • Contact lens solution is a lifesaver – If your mascara becomes flaky, then you can use contact lens solution as a solution. How? It’s quite easy! Add just a few drops of your contact lens solution in the mascara and that’s it. Shake it well and leave for a few minutes. After that, you can use your mascara with the actual consistency.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to apply makeup just like a pro. Also, it gives you a natural glow.

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