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Best Lipstick shades for skin tone

An integral part of the make-up is wearing lipstick that complements your personality perfectly and make everyone else flatter on your choice. A poor selection of lip shade can be a major setback to your glamorous image. Choosing the right lip color is not as easy as you may think of it. Finding the perfect lipstick shades for skin tones of various colors is a real struggle. You might have been wearing that glittery coral or deep red color your whole life- but oh dear-it may not be your shade! Not all lipstick shades are meant for all the various skin tones and personalities.

Among the commercially available infinite lip colors, finding the best-suited shade can be a daunting experience. To pick the most flattering hue for yourself, first, you need to know your undertone and skin tone, the color choice comes next.

Lipstick shades for skin tone

We at Molyrose are excited to share a comprehensive guide that will help you determine your skin tone and undertone while choosing the picture-perfect lip shade for yourself!

Identify your particular skin tone

The foremost step towards wearing the best lip shade is knowing your skin tone correctly. Let’s get yourself familiar with these 3  types of skin tones and what lip colors should you actually adopt based on the complexion category; the undertones are essentially warm, cool, or neutral.

1. Fair/ light skin tone

If you have face complexions like Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, or Anne Hathaway, then you fall into the FAIR skin category. Such light skin tones best complement with nude, coral, peach and fuschia shades. Avoid using too yellow hues as they can undermine your look. For cooler complexions, girls should try on mocha, raspberry, and deep nudes.

Light skin tone celebrities

2. Medium skin tone

Medium tones usually go with a wide range of lip colors. If you can relate your skin tone with Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and Priyanka Chopra, then mark your complexion as medium. For a charming appearance, rosy red, mauve, cherry kind of lipstick shades are good to go with. Most of the time you would want to consider dark nudes, orangish-peach hues or even apply bronzy lip shade.

Medium skin tone celebrities

3. Dark skin tone

With dark tan skin, you can easily get away with coral, deep pink, purple, metallic red, orange-based colors, deep plums and anything except brown and bronze. For reference, compare your complexion with Rihanna, Lauryn Hill, or Alek Wek to determine your skin tone. Bold colors would enhance your personality more.

Dark skin tone celebrities

Know your Undertones

Along with lipstick shades for skin tones, knowledge of undertones is equally important. It’s basically the tint that is underlying your skin tone and impacts your overall appearance. There are 3 types of undertones, as:

1. Cool: if your skin has that pinkish touch

2. Warm: if your skin is more towards the yellowish tint

3. Neutral: it’s a blend of both or none!

Tip: To best determine your undertone, have a look at the veins on your inner wrist side. Did you see them blue or purple? Your undertone is cool. If the veins are green, you have got a warm undertone. If you can’t really decide what you should say, mark your undertone as neutral, and yes this is the best type that goes with a lot many lip shades.

Now that you are pretty sure about what lip shade complements your skin tone the best, shop the perfect shade for yourself and be a show stopper!

Do let us know in the comments below about how accurately this guide helped you identify your skin tone and what is your next go-to lipstick shade?

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