Makeup Tips for Beginners

Experimenting makes you learn new things but not in the case of makeup, as there always remain some technicalities that you need to know before applying stuff to your face. The holy-grail makeup tips for beginners is all you need.

Every expert was once a beginner – Helen Hayes

Makeup is an art and of course, as a beginner, you’re not the artist, but we’ll tell you those makeup techniques that’ll make everyone ask you the secret! Though as a beginner many doubts can arise in your mind and you may self-question “Where to start?” “How to apply this/that?” “Does this suit my complexion?” “How do I appropriately contour my face?” Well, there lies some basics that you need to understand about your skin tone, undertone, face structure, and more.

Molyrose has brought you some very professional and useful makeup tips for beginners in this read. Let’s start with some basic DO’s and DON’Ts to get your hands straight on the makeup tools.


  • moisturize your skin every time before applying makeup
  • read product reviews before expending on makeup
  • invest in high-quality makeup products/ brushes
  • identify your skin tone and buy the appropriate foundation shade
  • use primers to have a subtle finishing
  • practice and more practice on yourself.


  • panic-buy makeup products
  • buy too loud and tricky shades as a beginner
  • apply too light or too dark foundation
  • color your eyebrows heavily
  • skip essential makeup steps or use fingers initially for makeup application


Makeup Tips for Beginners


After a few basic instructions, follow the steps below to play with your minimal makeup tools and tun out a diva!

1 | Do a thorough face cleansing

Makeup doesn’t rest on a dirty face. It makes it look even worse. Foremost, buy a gentle cleanser that’ll wash all the impurities off your face and give it a clean surface glow.

Kakadu C Brightening Daily Cleanser is a 3 in 1 fantabulous product that can be used as a face cleanser, toner or even makeup-remover. Grab your piece now!

2 | Moisturize well

After having a pure facial surface, choose a good moisturizer and apply it to your face gently making sure it covers your face entirely, dried-out patches specifically. Use a light moisturizer for oily skin.

Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral will give your skin rewarding moisture, getting it perfectly ready for makeup.

3 |  Prime your skin

Investing in the right primer can be very crucial for an even makeup look. It helps makeup to stay longer and gives a hydrated supple touch to the skin. This could be a life-saver, especially for the starters.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer Oil will get your skin flawlessly prepared for the application of foundation as this oil nourishes deeply and gives a refined look.

4 | Conceal dark spots

It’s better to apply concealer under your eyes to hide eye circles and dark spots, where necessary. Put in some concealer in the corner of your eyes and on blemishes and don’t forget to blend it with an appropriate brush or a beauty blender.

Instant Concealer by Clarins will hide your blemishes and dark circles quickly as you apply through. Get your hands on this miracle product, and you’ll never regret.

5 | Foundation

After all the base that you have prepared for your makeup, now comes the prime part. Finding the perfect foundation color is one tedious task. Not too light, not too dark, just the right foundation shade will do wonders. Before you invest in any foundation, do a complete skin tone and undertone self-check or seek expert advice on that. The unmatched foundation shade will make you look horrible.

No makeup foundation serum by Perricone MD is one gorgeous choice for a flawless finish.

6 | Eye-makeup

It’s a make or break point to your make-up look. Begin with lighter shades towards the inner of your eyelids and blend with darker nude shades on the outer eye edges. Do not mix darker shades entirely, rather give it a soft look blended with sharp hues. If you love cat eyeliner, practice crazy for it! It’s tricky and is not the last-minute choice. Apply a medium volume mascara to give your eyes a lenient look.

7 | Lip and cheek color

Choose the right lipstick shade according to your makeup and skin tone. It must complement your eye makeup and blush-on. Don’t go with too dark blush shades if you have a dark eye-makeup, nudes are in fashion, though.

Read more: Lipstick Shades That Best Suit Your Skin Tone

Finally, use a makeup fixer and spray it all over your face gently to finally fix everything in place to last longer.

Do let us know what did you learn from our guide on makeup tips for beginners.

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