Applying makeup is not a new obsession, as women are using it from ancient times until now. You may have heard about persona. Makeup is a kind of persona that women get on their face to look in a desirable way. According to an estimate, about 44% of women don’t leave their places until and unless they get their makeup on. Various reasons may play their part in evoking women to wear makeup. Two reasons are more obvious as compared to others. They include seduction and camouflage.

The Problem

Almost millions of people are asking this question on the internet ‘why do women wear makeup’. This article contains the answer to this question by providing you some reasons behind the obsession of wearing makeup.

The Solution

Have a look at the following reasons to know the answer!

  • Appreciation

Everyone likes appreciation and so does women. They got drilled from their childhood that they have to look presentable to become successful in each and every phase of life. Women want to get appreciated by others whether they are going for a job interview or a date.

  • Seduction

Women, who would like to become more noticeable so that people get attracted towards them, tend to make use of makeup. They want to become more confident and assertive.

  • Camouflage

Women, who would not like to feel insecure and anxious while meeting others, use makeup as their shield.

  • Focus on the eyes

Eyes are the windows of the soul. You may have heard this notion. This can be one of the main reasons that women focus on eye makeup. It enhances overall facial attractiveness. Mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner are the most used products to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

  • Psychological Satisfaction

Another science behind using makeup is to get psychological satisfaction. It may happen that women look beautiful without makeup but they induce this thing in the mind that they will look pretty only by wearing makeup.

  • Makeup gives a younger look

Makeup is a way of look younger than your age. Women think that they shouldn’t look aged, so they go for anti-aging cosmetic treatments. However, if they cannot get these treatments, then they use makeup to get the benefit. In this way, they feel more confident and motivated towards their goal.

Bottom Line

The majority of the women believe that if they go in front of others without even touching their face and applying makeup, they would not be treated in a deserving manner. This fear leads them to put on makeup before going anywhere.

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