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Practice Self-care in Pregnancy: Treasure tips

Now that you’re expecting a baby, it’s time to practice self-care in pregnancy to merrily embrace motherhood. It’s exciting yet a challenging period that demands self-attention as well as nourishment to your mind and body. Apart from all those amplified food desires and cravings, you may feel dizzy, tired and look for refreshments more often. Well, that’s perfectly fine because you’re already going through a lot and hey, you deserve self-care, more than before!

Research shows that self-care during pregnancy is significantly related to the increased awareness of the baby. This self-care involves quitting to smoke, inducing more positivity, staying happy and active and interacting more with the baby. Molyrose always cares for all the ladies out there and today, we are particularly concerned about how a mommy-to-be should do her part while pregnant.


Self-care in Pregnancy


1. Time for a relaxing bath!

Nothing else can make you feel more relaxed and clean than taking care of your personal hygiene. Try bathing every other day but don’t over-tire yourself while doing that. Avoid using bathing products with harsh chemicals especially over your genital areas. Just take a stress-free bath to feel yourself at peace. Taking nighttime baths will let you sleep more calmly and lessen night-sickness.

2. Quit smoking now!!

Abandon smoking once you hear the good news of pregnancy. It’s as bad as to your fetus as it’s for your own health. Babies of smoking mothers are likely born with physical or mental disabilities or develop chronic health issues over time. If you’re a smoking addict, contact any rehabilitation center or consult your doctor immediately to say good-bye to smoking and welcoming a healthy baby.

3. Travel, if allowed.

Traveling to your favorite places not only elevates moods but also has a positive impact on your overall health. Safe traveling during pregnancy should be practiced often unless asked by the doctor to refrain. Do not get on long routes if it makes you feel sick and tired. However, change is always good. Spend isolation time at places close to nature.

4. Exercise moderately

Some women quit doing exercising during pregnancy, but it’s literally good for both the mother and baby. It even increases the blood flow to the baby. Ask your doctor for some harmless exercise suggestions that you can practice daily to keep yourself healthy and fresh.

5. Socialize more!

Do not hold yourself back during pregnancy rather socialize more often. Yes! Talk to people around about yourself and how the little soul inside makes you feel. Join a club of expecting mothers and you can stay immensely positive and informed throughout the pregnancy period. Talk your frustration out, listen to other people’s experiences and there’s a lot you can learn about things in common.

6. Take rest often

One essential element to practice self-care in pregnancy is taking enough rest. It’s normal to feel fatigued, dizzy and crave for more time out during pregnancy. Never avoid if your body tells you to do so. Do not do too much physically demanding work during pregnancy as it may lead to problems such as abnormal baby growth, premature birth or even miscarriage.

7. Stay Beautiful!

Undeniably you’re already the most beautiful mommy of your yet-unborn baby, but investing time in your skincare/ haircare routine is essential to feel beautiful inside out. Take out time for spas and beauty treatments at parlors or you can do it all at home. Try out Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Balm, specially designed for pregnant women to deliver moisture and comfort to the skin.

Above all, stay optimistic, keep pampering yourself and look forward to happy labor!

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