10 Things to Avoid for Oily Skin

Oily foods are tasty but oily skin? Nah, no one wants it because of all the acne breakouts and blackheads it gives you as a surprise each day. But, the good news is that you can still escape all those irritating pimples right away. Oily skin demands more care and attention than the dry and combination skins do. And if you literally know the things to avoid for oily skin, you’re in safe mode.


Oily skin could be genetic as well as a result of hormonal changes. Whatever it is, a little self-care and attention could do wonders to the oil-slick face condition and appearance. Molyrose will talk about how changing your habits and learning about things to avoid for oily skin can help you achieve your dream skin, but of course, you cannot change your skin type rather make improvements to whatever you already possess.

10 Things to Avoid for Oily Skin

Let’s have a look over a few gem tips that will help fight that grease on your face and frustration on your mind:

1 |   Dermatologists recommend not to over-cleanse oily skin, rather go gentle on a cleanser and your skin. If you rigorously use cleansers on your oily skin, you’ll deprive it of its natural protective barrier.

2 |   Though you want to over-dry your skin with astringent products, do not be so harsh. This may lead to more oil production by your skin as a response. Use mild skin-care products.

3 |   Treat your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or more.

4 |    If you have greasy cosmetics in your beauty box, throw them away right now as you wouldn’t want to aggravate the pesky skin condition.

5 |    Food intakes should be as stricter as skincare products.

    Foods to avoid: Sugary items, refined-grain products, saturated and trans-fat diets, dairy products, too much salt, spicy food, caffeine, alcohol

   Foods to intake: Whole-grains, ingest more Vitamin A, C and D, nuts, spinach, citrus fruits, lentils and pulses

6 |    You can still use a primer to support your makeup base but go for a mattifying primer instead of a hydrating one.

7 |    Consider using toners as it balances the skin pH levels and leads to skin mattify. It will allow other products to work even better on your skin.

8 |    Avoid over-stressing situations. Stress releases such hormones in your body that interfere with healthy skin promotion.

9 |    Do not play with your acne or pimples or pop them as you’ll end up worsening the situation. Let them take their time and try out some homemade acne face masks.

10 |   Try to keep your hair away from your face. Constant contact of your hair with the face may transfer grease from the scalp to the skin.

The key is to balance oil production on your skin. Try out these gem tips and let us know how it transformed your oily-management frustration. However, If you have severe acne breakouts and oily skin issues, you may not want to ignore it and contact your dermatologist at your earliest.

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