Skin care Tips for winters

5 Skin care Tips for Winters – Dermatologically Proven!

The first impression always lasts, but, here at Molyrose, we believe that you can always make another great impression. To this, all you need is to learn these dermatologically proven skin care tips for winters that’ll make everyone long for your SECRET and get impressed, definitely! Summers are a pro-skin season giving you the essential skin spark, but winters call for a stricter skin care routine. However, whether you are a tired mom, college teen, or a busy jobian, all you need is a quick fix to your drought-stricken skin.

Drinking sufficient water in cold weather is necessary for healthy glowing skin, but apart from this very basic practice, wearing the accurate makeup products and cosmetics is equally important. Skin gets dry, flaky, and patchy all of a sudden with that one cool breeze that marks the beginning of wintertime. This rings bells to add some heavenly tips on your on-the-go skin care routine list.

Well guess who doesn’t love winters? None other than your SKIN! Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of proven skin care tips for winters that dermatologists suggest and you wouldn’t want to miss out on them for a great-skin-season!

Dermatologically Proven Skin care Tips for Winters


Skin care Tips for winters


Tip # 1 |

An obvious dry skin escape is to use excess moisturizer, however, it’s better to upgrade your moisturizer from lotions to essential oils such as tea tree oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, argan oil, etc. According to skin experts, oils are gentle on your skin and leaves a smooth, radiant glow. Vaseline is better-suited on the other body parts as compared to the face application as it can clog pores, Dr. Samer Jaber, a Washington based dermatologist confirms.

Cosmedix Clarity Skin-Clarifying Serum has the essential oils to give your skin radiant moisture and glow.

Tip # 2 |

Taking extremely hot showers can deprive your skin of its surface moisture, hence leaving your skin nerves itched and cracked. Immediate moisture is necessary to get your skin its required nourishment to avoid eczema or more notorious ‘winter’s itch’ conditions, says Dr. Purvisha Patel, certified dermatologist and Visha Skincare’s founder.

Tip # 3 |

Try to lessen exfoliation during wintertime especially if you have dry skin. But, again, you can test your skin for winter exfoliation because it’s necessary for skin regeneration, removes dead cell and helps better penetration of your moisture.

Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant is one recommended non-abrasive exfoliator that’s gentle on your skin with the essence of aloe vera and soothes your skin condition perfectly.

Tip # 4 |

Always wear sunscreen. It doesn’t take long but gives blissful protection against the harmful UV rays and ceases further damage to the already-dried-out-skin. Everyone loves to sun-bathe in winters but the sun may not love your skin similarly, watch out and don’t skip sunscreen, or you’ll end up getting uneven tan patches all over.

An all-in-one Cosmedix Peptide Rich Defense SPF 50 is the perfect solution to your sun-kissed skin.

Tip # 5 |

Choose your wintertime makeup wisely as a few products may dehydrate your skin gravely without prior notice. Apply hydrating cosmetics such as creamy blushes or eyeshadows, and avoid powdery makeup. While removing your makeup, make sure not to be too harsh with wipes rather use cleansing oils to remove any cosmetics from your face to keep it moistened, as explained by Glow Recipe’s founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang.

Sisley Phyto Blush Twist leaves a long-lasting velvety finish on your cheeks and could be your best winter-buddy.

Give your skin a winter-break and let us know in the comments section how these tips worked for you.

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