6 Poses of Yoga for Healthy Skin: Hidden Beauty Hacks!

Giving your skin a shot of beauty treatments is good as well as important for its periodic rejuvenation. If you’re not planning to spend much on the commercial products today and feel like searching for an inexpensive solution to get healthy skin, we’ll share some hidden beauty hacks of YOGA to get you there! Apart from the physical benefits yoga has to offer, it does wonders for your mental being. It releases stress and boosts glow from within. Or you can say that – Yoga is a holistic life-saver!

Molyrose is destined to bring you the best of beauty hacks – in your budget – or sometimes all free! But before we disclose our guide on Yoga for Healthy Skin, let’s see what an American dermatologist Adarsh Vijay Mudgil has to say about the perks of yoga;

Yoga has a positive overall impact on our endocrine system which also regulates our cortisol, and when cortisol is in control, our body and skin flourishes.

Yoga for Healthy Skin


1. Body Inversion pose

Get down on your forearms in an inverted position, such that your head moves below your heart. It boosts the oxygen and nutrients’ supply to your face. Begin with firming your feet and putting your hands down with forearms in the parallel position and fixing elbows to the mat. Lift your back up towards the ceiling. Follow the pose as the picture below represents.

body inversion pose - yoga for healthy skin


2. Plow pose

This is a well-known posture for achieving glowing skin as it helps to improve the digestive process. Lie down on your back, get your legs straight up and bend over your head as they hit the ground. Stretch out your arms in the opposite direction. As a starter, do it as long as you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to do it on an empty stomach.

Plow pose - yoga for healthy skin


3. Fish pose

This yoga pose is as good to the skin health as it is to the body because all the stretching that it involves is a perfect fit for your chest, abs, neck, back and more. Follow the position in the picture below.

Fish pose - yoga for healthy skin


4. Get in Triangular pose

This miraculous standing yoga pose not only builds body strength but also opens up the lungs for more oxygen intake and ultimately you experience a refreshing skin glow.

triangular pose - yoga for healthy skin


5. Camel pose

This back-bending yoga posture improves digestion and helps skin condition to improve over time. It is an amazing exercise for your body and increases oxygen to the lungs. Try this out by holding a couple of breaths.

camel pose - yoga for healthy skin


6. Sit down and Breathe!

The simplest you could do to treat your skin is to sit down in the crossed legs pose and breathe. Keep your back upright, inhale, hold for 10 seconds and then, exhale. Repeat the process for at least 5 minutes.

breathing pose - yoga for healthy skin

Getting glow-kissed skin is not as tough as it seems. Just a little motivation and willingness to get in shape will do wonders in just no time. Try these yoga poses for atleast a week and share in the comments below the change you experienced in your skin condition – and your overall health.

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