Have you ever admired someone and wondered how they managed to keep their skin flawless all these years without spots or blemish? Not just you, me too! I have wondered what the secret is and how they manage to keep their skin in great condition.

It might seem a mystery, but these gorgeous looking women all share some skin care routine in common which I am about to reveal to you, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

Tip no 1: They are fond of using the cleanser that matches their skin type

You’ll agree with me that not all cleansers are good for a lady, and everyone should stick to the cleansers matching their skin type, be it oily, dry, or a combination of both. These women with great skin we look up to have discovered their skin types long ago and don’t just go shopping for any product they fancy, but rather buy cleansers made for their skin types.

Tip no 2: They are always on sunscreen

Probably, you may think that sunscreen is just for sunny days or for visiting the beach, but these elegant women know better! One secret for their flawless skin is protecting themselves from exposure to ultraviolet rays every day, and it doesn’t matter where they are, be it in a car, in an airplane or on the beach, they apply sunscreen always. This is because you start looking old when exposed UV daily.

Tip no 3: They keep makeup brushes clean all the time

It isn’t enough to take care of your skin, you should also make sure that your brushes are kept clean always. If you don’t, you are only making matters worse because germs and dirt accumulates on these brushes and they can be harmful to you. Ensure that you wash foundation and concealer brushes once a week, while brushes used around the eyes should be washed twice a month.


Tip no 4: They avoid certain types of drinks

Having a flawless skin comes with great sacrifices, and one of it is giving up on certain drinks. These dazzling women with spotless skin have the habit of avoiding coffee, alcohol, drinks with added sugar and other liquids because they gradually make you look old. Taking plenty of water is enough, together with green juices containing plenty of vegetables.

Tip no 5: They keep their fingers very far away

It could be tempting to always touch your face or even scratch from time to time, but this is a bad habit that you should stop. Though it won’t be easy, but if you succeed at this, you are helping your face a lot.

Tip no 6: They never skip moisturizing

Moisturizing plays a very important role in the lives of those with flawless skin, and no matter the type of skin you have, always moisturize with the right type suitable for your skin.

Tip no 7: They never wear makeup to bed

Never forget to remove your makeup before going to bed, because if you leave it, your pores could become clogged and you may start experiencing breakouts which you dread the most.


As you strive to have a flawless skin, ensure that you are consistent with how you treat your skin. There are many other habits of those with spotless skin, but if you follow the secrets in this post religiously, you will be surprised at how flawless your skin would become!


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