The best skincare routine for a radiant skin

Having a glowing skin doesn’t just happen overnight, there are certain skin care procedures you need to follow every day, every week, and even monthly and yearly.

Sticking to this routine is very essential for you to get a flawless skin, and you should strive not to skip them because of their importance. Now without wasting much time, here are skin care routines you should adopt:

Daily skincare routine

For your skin to be radiant always, here are daily skincare habits you should formulate:

Form the habit of washing your face twice daily. It is very important that you formulate this habit, and doing so in the morning makes your skin ready for skincare products like sunscreens, and moisturizers. When you wash it at night, you are getting rid of all dirt that have accumulated throughout the day.

Avoid hot water. You could think that bathing with hot water is the best, but it isn’t. even in winter when the temperature is so cold, resist the temptation of bathing with very hot water, and instead bath with warm water. This is because hot water tends to burn and damage your skin, something you wouldn’t want.

Apply mild skincare products on sensitive areas. There are certain sensitive spots on the body like the eyes, and these areas should be treated gently with mild cream that promotes growth and contains ingredient that boosts the production of collagen.

Wearing sunscreen every day. Exposure to sunlight can damage the skin, therefore, every day, ensure you apply sunscreen with a high SPF likely from 30 above.

Eat healthily. Every day, make sure the food you eat is healthy, adding vegetables and fruits to your diet. In addition, always get adequate sleep, because the food you eat and your sleep always reflect in your appearance.

Weekly skincare routine

Exfoliate weekly. Exfoliation is important but should be done weekly and not too frequent. This can be done using an exfoliating cleanser or a gentle exfoliator.

Use a soothing sheet mask to relax. In order to boost the production of collagen and also boost your skin tone, once a week, for about 10 minutes unwind with a gentle sheet mask. This also give you time to relax, and you should do so with a mask suitable for your skin type.

Clean your tools. It is vital that you don’t just use your brushes and other skin care tools without having them cleaned. If they are kept dirty they can cause harmful effects on your skin, so it is a wise idea to clean them appropriately once a week.

Monthly skincare routine

There are certain tasks you should carry out once a month as part of your skin care routine, and you should always remember them without skipping.

Full body sugar scrub. This is important and even though you can do so with a physical exfoliator, it could make your skin become dry when you do it in excess. This is why it is advised that you take a shower scrub once in a month, using gentle sugar scrub and also paying special attention to areas that are dry like the knees and even the elbow.

Other monthly skincare routine includes keeping record of your regimen, and also visiting a professional for a chemical or facial peel.

Yearly skincare routine

Once a year, book an appointment with a certified dermatologist for a skin screening, especially screening for cancer of the skin. You should also seek professional advice from your dermatologist on how you can improve.

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