What is my skin type and how can I figure it out?

Taking care of your skin is a must, but you can’t just start applying skin care tips without knowing the basics, which starts by identifying your skin type.

It is not every skin care product that you apply on your skin, as all skin types react differently to various skin care products. The skin is very sensitive and you should first of all know what your skin actually needs before using cleansers, applying moisturizers or other skin care procedures.

Simplest way to determine your skin type

You don’t have to spend millions to know your skin type, as you can actually figure this out in the comfort of your home! To determine your skin type, here’s what to do:

  1. Using a gentle cleanser, wash your face to get rid of dirt, oil and any makeup you applied.
  2. With the help of a soft towel, pat your face dry and leave your face bare and natural without applying anything, not even a moisturizer!
  3. Leave your face untouched and wait for an hour.
  4. With an hour gone by, look properly into the mirror and observe your skin’s quality by examining your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead for any shine or dryness.

The three major skin types

Surely, you will agree with me that everyone has a unique skin, but there are a few general classifications that can help you determine your skin type. To narrow it down, the major skin types are:

Dry skin

Those with dry skin probably inherited it from their parents and it runs through the family. Dry skin could also be as a result of the type of food you eat, your lifestyle, less intake of water and even climate. If you have dry skin, you are likely to feel dry all day and your skin may peel.

If your skin type falls under this category, you should take care of it by avoiding caffeine, alcohol and other diuretics. Water shouldn’t be far from you, as you should be drinking plenty of water daily. Using gentle exfoliation products everyday will also be of help since it won’t tamper with the natural oil of your skin and will improve your skin cells.

Normal/combination skin

This skin type falls between the oily skin and dry skin, making it balanced and the best among the three. Do you have a well moisturized T-zone (nose, chin and forehead)? Do you experience minimal to no breakouts on your cheeks? If yes, then your skin type is likely to fall under the normal one. In addition, those with this skin type usually have dry cheeks and jawlines.

This skin type can be tricky to maintain, but you surely can take care of it. When you exfoliate daily, do it gently and in such a way that there is a balance in the T-Zone and cheek areas. Moisturizers that are not too light, thick enough to retain moisture in areas needed the most should be used. In addition, you can use moisturizers that have a feel of gel because not only are they less likely to cause breakouts, they also get absorbed more quickly.

Oily skin

This skin type is easier to spot. If your face produces excess oil, then you probably fall under this category. The downside of this skin type is that you are likely to get breakouts on your skin because the excess oil can clog your pores, leading to acne. However, you don’t have to worry about this, because taking proper care of this skin type leaves you younger and shiny since it has more natural moisture.

Caring for this skin type revolves around removing the excess oil and keeping your skin as dry as possible always. You have to make enzymatic exfoliation a daily routine in order to prevent sebum from clogging up the pores and also to increase cell turnover. When going for an exfoliator, ensure to use a gentle physical one that doesn’t contain crushed seeds or nuts and other abrasives because they can lead to tears in the dermis.

Final Thoughts

Every person is created unique, and whatever category your skin type falls under, there is no need to panic. You can always manage things by using the right skin care product and follow simple daily routine to keep you beautiful all the time, like the queen you are.

What skin type do you have? Is there any suggestion you have about the skin types? Drop it down in the comment section!

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