Apply sunscreen more easily with these tips and tricks

Have you ever wondered how you could apply your sunscreen quickly without any hassle? If yes, then you are not alone. It could be difficult to apply sunscreen especially on the back and other hidden areas, but you don’t have to worry because there are several hacks for this.

I know you must have searched for sunscreen hacks and tips, but you don’t have to search anymore because there are many of them which I am about to reveal to you!

Tip one: Make Use of a paint roller

Not everyone likes using a plastic wrap, and there is an alternative which is making use of a paint roller. This is useful especially for applying sunscreen to spots at your back that are difficult to reach. It works the same way as applying paint to the wall, all you need to do is apply sunscreen on the roller and paint your back and other parts of your body.

Tip two: use a brush-on block

This is helpful for those with oily skin, because using a greasy sunscreen is not advisable for such skin type. There are powdery sunscreens out there, and you can get one and apply with a brush to reduce the glow.

Tip three: use a towel

Applying sunscreen to your back can seem tricky, but you should find your way around it easily by making use of a towel. To follow this method, simply put sunscreen on a towel and just like you are drying off, rub it across your back.

Tip four: reach tricky spots with a plastic wrap

The trickiest part to apply sunscreen is at the centre of your back, but you can overcome this challenge by using a plastic wrap. To do this, simply apply sunscreen to a piece of plastic wrap and like the towel method above, rub it like you are cleaning your back.

Tip five: keep your eyes safe with a stick

Great care should be taken in ensuring that sunscreen doesn’t get into your eyes, hence it is advisable to make use of a solid sunscreen stick. This stick will not only ensure that you get full coverage, using it also makes your eyes protected because it won’t drip into your eyes.

Tip six: for accurate coverage make use of a cotton swab

Sunscreen should be applied to every part of your body exposed to the sun, including the skin carrying your hair. Here is where a cotton swab comes in, because it thoroughly covers every part of your skin on the head without getting your hair greasy.

Final words

Using sunscreen is very important especially in the summer, but it could be difficult to apply it to certain areas of your body, especially the centre of your back. Luckily, you can manoeuvre things and make sunscreen reach areas that are hard to access on your body by following the tips and tricks in this article.

Even though some of the tips may sound awkward, they are still useful because they help you apply sunscreen in those difficult areas and places you thought was impossible.

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