Avoid these habits if you have dry skin

Dry skin is a skin type that should be treated with care and also gently, therefore you should be mindful of the type of skincare products and other things you use on your skin. This skin type can be itchy and make life uncomfortable for you especially in winter.

However, you can still make things turn out beautiful for you, as certain habits can make things worse than it was. Therefore, to maintain a flawless dry skin, these are some of the habits you need to avoid:

  1. Avoid using any moisturizer you lay your hands on

This issue can’t be overstressed, and you should ensure you stick to a moisturizer that matches your skin type because using harsh moisturizers or any type that you lay your hands on can be counterproductive, making your dry skin worse.

  1. Avoid hot showers

Bathing with hot water can be awesome especially in cold weather, but it can be harmful for your dry skin. This is because using very hot water to bath can wash away the essential oils your skin needs to be kept hydrated, worsening your dry skin. Therefore, use only lukewarm water to bath even in winter, no matter how tempting it may be.

  1. Avoid using products containing alcohol to wash your face

Alcohol-based products aren’t good for your dry skin, because they make it drier than before. Even though most fragrance based products have alcohol in them, there are still other skin care products that contains alcohol like toners, cleansers and even moisturizers. This is why you should carefully read the label before buying any skincare product.

  1. Avoid using brushes to apply makeup

Dry skin should be treated with care and brushes shouldn’t be used when applying makeup on dry skin. Even though with brushes your makeup appears perfect, they are made of fibres which can pick on patches of your dry skin making you uncomfortable and irritated. Instead of brushes, make use of a beauty blender, a sponge, or even your fingers to apply makeup.

  1. Avoid little water intake

Dry skins need to be hydrated at all time and one way to get that done is by taking plenty of water. It is very helpful if you drink plenty of water because it helps your skin a lot and can save you from the unhealthy effects of dry skin.

  1. Avoid consuming alcohol

A little bit of alcohol isn’t bad, but you should be aware that alcohol is dehydrating in nature, and you should cut if off if you want the best for your dry skin. I know it sounds impossible for many to give up on alcohol since it won’t be easy, therefore you should make it a habit of drinking plenty of water, at least a glass of water whenever you take any drink containing alcohol.

Rounding It All Up

While dry skin can make your daily activities uncomfortable, you can make things better for yourself by avoiding habits that would trigger dehydration and make your dry skin worse. Together with some others, the habits stated above can make your dry skin worse, therefore you should ensure you stop them and adopt a lifestyle that will be beneficial for your dry skin.

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