Having a blotchy skin? Here’s how to fix it

You never want your skin to develop red spots making it discoloured, hence it is important to fix it. However, before fixing it, let’s take a look at the causes of blotchy skin so as to understand it and fix it better.

Cause Number 1: Rigorous exercise

While exercising is good for relieving stress and for our general health, getting overboard with it and engaging in rigorous exercise is likely to be counterproductive and can even be the cause of your blotchy skin. Too much exercise can make the body temperature rise, making more blood get pumped to the skin and other vital organs.

How to fix this

If you notice a splotchy red skin after exercising, try putting an ice cube at the back of your mouth, and this is where the sensors for temperature in the body are. Among other options, you can also place in the crook of your neck a glass of cold water or a soda can.

Cause Number 2: Consumption of red wine

Some people prefer drinking red wine, but it could cause a blotchy skin. How? This is because with the sulphites and alcohol used to preserve wine, the little blood vessels in the faces tends to enlarge making blood to rush to the surface, leading to red cheeks. Does that mean you should give up on red wine consumption? No!

How to fix this

Not just red wine, even spicy foods amongst others can lead to a blotchy skin. To fix this, try sipping water after a few intake of wine. For foods, make sure you consume your favourite meal with little or no spices.

Cause Number 3: Using harsh soap

When you use harsh soap on your skin, it makes it vulnerable and weak by whipping off essential oils, healthy fatty acids and ceramides that keeps moisture in place. With these all gone, your skin is left at the mercy of irritants.

How to fix this

Avoid using soaps that are made with harsh chemicals on your skin. Make use of hydrating, pH neutral cleanser to get rid of dirt from your body.

Cause No 4: Using fragranced moisturizer

Moisturizing is a very essential skincare procedure, but using a scented moisturizer can cause a blotchy skin. This is because fragranced products tend to irritate the skin, and are likely to leave you with red patches.

How to fix this

To get this fixed, avoid moisturizers that are fragranced or made with dye. In addition, immediately you shower, apply a hydrating cream to keep your skin calm and retain moisture.

Cause No 5: Over-exfoliating

Exfoliating should be done moderately and not too frequent because if you exfoliate excessively you are weakening the skin leaving it blotchy and inflamed.

How to fix this

Simply avoid excessive and intensive exfoliation. In addition, don’t use harsh peels or very rough scrubs which contains harsh items like seeds or kernels and make use of exfoliators that are gentle in nature.

Final words

A discoloured skin covered in red patches is not something to be proud of, so you should first of all identify the causes of a blotchy skin and follow the right method of getting it off quickly.

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