The Ultimate Power Tips for Beauty Sleep

Until now you must have learned about many health tips and beauty hacks but one unheard reality is BEAUTY SLEEP! Yes, this might sound weird but this article will share with you the ultimate power tips for beauty sleep.

A good enough sleep time helps keep your body, mind, and soul relaxed and toned. This not only positively affects your routine chores, but is a key element to a prettier skin. Beauty sleep is necessary for skin rejuvenation and plays a chief role in dead blood cell removal.


Tips for beauty sleep


Beauty sleep is not just about the quantity of sleep you get rather it emphasizes quality much more. If you don’t get enough sleep every night, you’ll soon notice changes in your skin appearance which will begin to dull, dry, wrinkle-out and experience breakouts. Here are a few reasons and tips for beauty sleep, enjoy the read!


Reasons to start taking Beauty Sleep now!


1. Bid farewell to eye-puffiness

The disturbed sleep cycle appears instantly under your eyes as soon as you wake up. This is because the stressed sleep can increase cortisol levels and fluctuates the salt balances in your body which ultimately retains water and increase eye puffiness. A refreshing nap can do under-eye wonders!

2. Reduced aging signs

Who doesn’t want to slow down the aging pace? One awful fact is that sleep deprivation leads to wrinkles as easily as healthy sleep makes skin youthful. Treat your skin as your child, that you need to take care of yourself because it speaks of your internal health.

3. Healthier hair

Lack of beauty sleep can lead to hair fall, hair damage and thinning, dermatologists say. Quality sleep helps buildup hair protein by positively impacting your hormones after a good night’s rest.

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 4. Feel Energetic!

Normally, we look drained in the morning after a troubled sleep, and all you can hear from everyone around is – “You look tired!”- Yes, this is the least you could expect after an exhausting night. You don’t feel any energy for routine chores and long for bed the whole day. So to avoid sagging eyelids, frowning and dull expressions, consider beauty sleep a serious business to enhance your productivity.


Power Tips for Beauty Sleep


tips for beauty sleep

1. Sleep on your back

When you sleep straight on your back, you don’t allow blankets and pillows to rub or press against your skin. This hence lowers the risk of premature skin aging and losing elasticity by letting it breathe the whole night. Be as gentle as possible to your skin.

2. Take a hot bath before bedtime

Taking a hot shower one hour before bedtime help reduces stress and relax body muscles while leading you to a more peaceful sleep. A warm bath of 10 minutes is physically and mentally soothing for a heavenly dose of sleep. The hot bath is even good for opening your skin pores and letting the dirt make its way out, stepping up the glow game.

3. Develop an exercise routine regularly

Physical exercise improves body-mind balance and hence improvises the quality of your sleep. Make a habit of exercising for at least two hours a day to give your body a reason to work better the whole day. Even the insomniac patients with sleep disorders are medically advised to exercise at least half an hour a day to aid in beauty sleep and overall life quality.

4. Apply night-creams

An American dermatologist, Amanda Sergay reports that our skin can lose bulk water while we are asleep, therefore it’s better to apply night-creams before going to bed as they are more moisturizing than the day creams.

Stick rigorously to your routine sleep hours so as not to disturb your circadian rythm, because the body gets tuned to it. 7 to 8 hours of restorative sleep between 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. will do wonders for your skin and overall health.

Now that you have the ultimate power tips for beauty sleep, Molyrose  advises you to take a step forward to youthfully glowing skin and stand out the crowd! Also, let us know in the comments section about how quality sleep boosted your outlook?

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