This is what happens when you don’t moisturize

The importance of moisturizing your face cannot be over stressed, as it generally makes your skin glow and keeps you fresh, giving you that flawless look you always dreamt of. So, what if you don’t moisturize? Have you ever wondered what happens to your skin if you stop using moisturizers?

You may begin to think that using moisturizers isn’t very important, but you will surely think again after reading this article. To make things clearer, if you decide to stop moisturizing, here’s what happens:

You are likely to develop an itchy skin

When you decide to stop moisturizing your skin, you are giving room for harsh effects, and one is an itchy skin. Imagine scratching your face all day because your skin itches. This won’t only bring you discomfort, but it will also lead to embarrassment especially when you are in public. This doesn’t sound good, and you wouldn’t want it to happen to you.

It could promote acne breakouts

Everyone wants a flawless skin, a skin without blemish. Although it is true that using the wrong moisturizer for your skin will lead to more acne, but not using one at all can be more troublesome for you. Therefore, you just have to use the right one to keep your skin free from acne. The right moisturizer clears dirt from your face, de-clogging your pores.

It can lead to more wrinkles

Though wrinkles may come as we age, but you can reduce it by moisturizing. If you decide to stop using moisturizers, your skin could get dry, and deeper wrinkles may develop. This is because the skin barrier becomes compromised when dry, but gets protected by moisturizing.

It could lead to make up failure

Makeup is awesome at it enhances your looks, but it could be counterproductive if you don’t moisturize your face. For your makeup to appear flawless you need to hydrate your face before applying them. The little lines found beneath your eyes where the concealer creases may appear worse, and it is strongly advised that you use a moisturizer before applying base makeups. In addition, for your moisturizer to properly absorb, don’t forget to wait at least five minutes before applying foundation.

Your complexion will appear clownish

Mostly noticeable in winter, your complexion will look flaky and dull if you stop moisturizing. This is because there is very little moisture during winter as the humidity level drops drastically. When this happens, your skin will become dry always because the dry air sucks up all moisture it can collect. This makes it very easy for irritants to enter without hassle, making your skin appear flaky and red. You certainly don’t want to look like a clown, and for this reasoning, moisturising is very necessary, especially during winter.


When you don’t moisturize, you are only leaving your skin at the mercy of irritants, wrinkles and many other skin disorders, which are not covered in this article. Your goal is to always appear like the queen you are, isn’t it? Queens take good care of their skin, and one of their daily routine is using moisturizers. The ugly things that happens when you don’t use moisturizers are scary, hence you shouldn’t stop moisturizing your skin.

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