a woman practicing self-care in pregnancy

Practice Self-care in Pregnancy: Treasure tips

Now that you’re expecting a baby, it’s time to practice self-care in pregnancy to merrily embrace motherhood. It’s exciting yet a challenging period that demands self-attention as well as nourishment to your mind and body. Apart from all those amplified food desires and cravings, you may feel dizzy, tired and look for refreshments more often.… Read More »

Which moisturizer is best for me? Tips to find the best moisturizer for a flawless skin

The importance of moisturizers cannot be overstressed, but with the different types out there all promising you quality, you could get confused as to the type you want. They come in different packages and prize, as there are those sold for as low as $1.50 and even designer skin moisturizers that sells from $500. Surely… Read More »